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We are now CGON approved installers. This is a hydrogen fuel enhancement unit. It is fitted within 1-2 hours and usually sited in the engine bay. The unit costs £459 inclusive of fitting.

This technology would be of particular interest to the following -

 -Those owning a vehicle that has failed MOT on emissions

 -Those who drive 6000+ miles a year

 -Those who experience problems with their dpf clogging

 -Those looking to reduce their carbon footprint


The unit is transferable between vehicles by an approved installer meaning it can be re-fitted to another vehicle if you change car.

The unit will require topping up with electrolyte liquid available from your nearest installers for £8.40, approximately every 6000 miles or as indicated on the wireless key fob supplied when the unit is installed.

Anybody having a unit fitted is obligated to inform their insurance provider that they have made a modification to their vehicle.

Further information can be found here

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